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We are providing modern marketing services to take the business forward. SEOVai is a data-driven digital marketing Agency.


Online Paid Advertising

Faster result within your budget

Online advertising agency in Bangladesh -SEOvai! Affordable, target media for everyone.

With the proper targeting, actionable marketing plan, your startup or business can reach the right audience, which assures more leads, more sales, and an instant boost for your business. If you need fast growth, then an online advertising agency in Bangladesh – SEOvai! The most affordable service can be the perfect solution for you.

Advertising agency in Bangladesh
Research says that more than 50% of paid traffic (traffic that goes through a paid advertisement) that visits an online shop is more likely to buy their product than organic traffic.

SEOVAI being a startup itself, we understand how important your money is for you. That’s why our team of certified paid advertisers work enthusiastically to find the right audience for your business. Also, they focus on designing the advertisement and assures that you get the best result within a lower CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).

Depending on your initiative, our research team goes through an in-depth discussion session, makes a marketing plan with budget, decides advertisement channels like Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Then again, there will be on-demand client meetings, 24/7 customer service, regular advertisement progress update so that you don’t feel a lack of clarity.

So, do you want to grow your business faster? Let’s do it together then!

Show up in front of the right audience without spending much!

Top advertising agency in Bangladesh: What makes SEOvai different?

PPC Campaign is one of the most effective ways to grow your business faster. Nowadays, every institutes and initiative are taking benefit of it. The best thing about online marketing and advertising is, it’s cost-effective and measurable. You can see how much you invested and how many people have seen your ad and responded to it.

A study shows that; 65% of people click on an advertisement before buying the product.

Also, every year businesses and other organization spends billions of dollar on online advertising services expecting higher results. Still, not everyone gets their preferred result because of a lack of knowledge and experience. The sad part is that many online advertising agencies promise the best result with lower investment and waste all their client’s money. In SEOVAI, our team of experts knows how to make your advertisement stand out in the crowd within your given budget.


Team of Industry experts

SEOVAI owns a team of experts who knows the art of creating engaging advertisements. From low-budget to high-budget paid online advertising strategies, they can pull off everything!


Maximum ROI and more sales assured

We work on creating advertisements and selecting targeting audiences so that your ad turns into sales and you can get the best ROI.


Free Consultation

SEOVAI starts with understanding your idea and vision. Your purpose matters to us. That's why we provide a free consultation session to discuss your business and how we can help you grow it.


Reach the right people

If you want the best result, then it's essential to reach the right people. That's why we focus more on finding keywords, targeted audience, and high CTR ad creation.


Advertising on the right platform

Advertising your campaign on the right platform is essential. That's why we try to find the right platform for promoting your business. The purpose of each ad is not the same so different platforms need to be targeted for different campaigns.


Activity Report

We provide activity report regularly and analyzes if it's performing at its highest peak or not. Also, we provide a consultation service on how a business can improve its advertisement performance within an affordable price range.

Online Paid Advertising delivers 200% ROI (Return on investment). – WordLead

What SEOVAI offers

SEOVAI’s paid advertising service is designed for those who don’t know anything about advertising online. From beginners with zero knowledge to experts with years of experience, we work hard to satisfy everyone.

Keyword Research

Finding the best keywords is the key to success, and that's why we focus more on finding profitable keywords that provide maximum ROI.

Audience research

For the best result, it's important to reach the right audience. It requires finding the right demographic, gender, age, interest, behavior, and so on. We do small A/B testing and brainstorm to reach the best audience faster.

Channel Selection

Some advertisement performs better on Facebook and some promotions on Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, etc. We learn deeply about your business, do A/B testing and advertise on the right platform to get you the best result.

Ads Creation

SEOVAI helps their client with advertising creation as well. Besides selecting the best keywords, we also focus on increasing CTR to catch traffic's attention within the first few seconds. We help our clients to decide advertising budget, campaign design, and so on.

Regular Audit

With a regular audit, we assure your advertisement is performing correctly. Also, it allows us to improve the ad so that you can grow your business faster.


Optimization is a secret weapon to get the best result. That's why we focus on optimization and update it more often after auditing so that you can get the best possible outcome.

Remarketing can get your business up to 80% quality leads

SEOVai’s secret revealed: Retargeting

Remaking and retargeting shows your website and social media who have visited them or interacted with them on social media. It also offers your advertisement to people who know about your business. SEOVAI is the best remarketing advertisement service provider in Bangladesh, and we assure best retargeting once you have found the perfect targeting audience.

We provide the best social media remarketing service in Bangladesh.

Facebook Data Driven Retargeting:

  • We do Pixel setup to track your visitors’ behavior and then we run properly optimized advertisement for your website audience, custom audience, look alike audience.

Google Data Driven Remarketing:

  • Our google remarketing service focuses on google analytics result focuses on your traffic behavior and create a proper remarketing campaign for your targeted audience and similar audience as well.

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At SEOVAI, we assure remarketing service that gives quality leads within an affordable price range. How to evaluate online paid advertising service performance?

A study shows, 58% of millennials purchases product after seeing an advertisement online.

Online Paid Advertisement

Can grow your business, but it only happens when an advertising agency optimizes the ad appropriately.
Now, do you know how to measure your advertising campaigns performance? If no, then here are some ideas that will help you to evaluate.


CTR (Click through rate) means how many people have viewed or clicked on your advertisement. Higher CTR assures your promotion is creative and highly engaging.


CR (conversation rate) is the percentage of visitors who fulfill your goal within all the traffic. A high CR rate assures that your advertisement is attractive and getting towards the right audience.


ROI, aka return on investment, is what you invest and the revenue you get from it. If you are not getting the best ROI, then you are just wasting your money. Measuring ROI is essential to understand whether you are getting the best result on your investment or not.


CPL or cost per lead is the cost you spend on each and every lead. It can be a website view from a google advertisement or a message on your Facebook page with Facebook Ads. Getting quality leads within an affordable price range is essential.


Impression shows how many audiences you are reaching. A low impression means your campaign isn't not reaching many people, whereas a high impression means you have a large audience.

Targeted audiences:

Showing your ads to the right audience is essential. Otherwise, you will lose all your advertising budget and end up showing your ads to the wrong audience.

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