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We are providing modern marketing services to take the business forward. SEOVai is a data-driven digital marketing Agency.

Converting leads into customer

Our Email Marketing Automation service will boost your sales and expand your business.

Whether you are starting a new business, launching a new product or service, want to build your email listing, or improve communication with your subscribers/customers, automated email marketing is the best solution for you.

Research shows that email marketing automation service can help a business to get up to 80% more leads and increase 77% more conversations.

At SEOVAI, we assure you the best email marketing automation service that will help you to grow your business, get more sales and get your brand noticed by your targeted audience.  

 We also help you to design email, auto-generated and actionable reports, up to 90% inbox delivery assurance, personalized email, 24×7 customer service from SEOVAI, and so on. Our Email marketing automation assures you more sales, growth, and satisfying email listing.

What makes SEOVAI different than others

Get to know your customer without spending time and effort within your budget.

Email marketing has the potential to double the profit of your business when you get to know your customer. Once you discover your customer’s interest, buying cycle, purchase habit, and nurture more leads into customers, it’s time to enjoy the growth.

In SEOVAI, our team of experts takes charge of email promotion within budget so that you can use your time and effort improving other aspects of your business.

Team of Experts

Our team of experts is the secret of SEOVAI. All of the members of our team have expertise in email marketing with years of experience. They can brainstorm new ideas, help to make essential changes, design email, lead nurturing, and enthusiastically work to satisfy your email subscribers.

Lead Nurturing

When you have a new lead, it takes time and proper procedure to nurture as a customer. Our experts can pull it off spontaneously with their skills and experience.

Email Design

Millions of email templates available out there but which one is perfect for your campaign? Well, it's often confusing and that's why SEOVAI helps you to decide what template suits your campaign and design it appropriately.


All the emails will be sent from a dedicated IP so that your email can reach your targeted audience. In SEOVAI, we use dedicated IP and check it regularly to make sure our IP addresses are fresh so that your email can land in your targeted audience's inbox!


With time, your listing will grow and more fresh leads will join your arsenal. We understand this and that's why we assure sending bulk emails. From hundreds to millions, we are always there for you.

Actionable Report

The beauty of automated email marketing is its analytics. You will have a report after each campaign to see how your email is performing among your listing and you will figure out what to do and what not to do with our customized actionable reports.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

100% satisfaction guaranteed At SEOVAI, we offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We have a friendly team of customer executives who are 24/7 there for you to solve your problem and answer your queries with a smile. Also, our standby technical team is always there to solve any technical issue ASAP!


With time, your listing will grow and more fresh leads will join your arsenal. We understand this and that's why we assure sending bulk emails. From hundreds to millions, we are always there for you.

In SEOVAI, we provide you the best output through understanding your leads and customers and keep nurturing until they become fans of your brand. Studies have shown that Automated email gets 26% more attention than manually sending emails.

Best Deliverability

Deliverability matters the most! Imagine spending a lot of money behind a campaign and your email doesn’t land in your targeted audience’s inbox. That’s why SEOVAI provides the best deliverability rate in Bangladesh and we use dedicated IP and up to 90% (even more) lands directly to the lead’s inbox.


If today you have hundreds of subscriber lists, in the future, it will be thousands and then it will keep increasing. We understand this and that’s why from hundreds to millions we can handle all the pressure without losing the top-notch quality.

Actionable analytics report

The beauty of an automated email marketing service is its analytical reports. SEOVAI provides all sorts of statistical reports on deliverability, email distribution result, lead behavioral data, and so on.

Assuring best results

At SEOVAI, we brainstorm, take ideas from industry specialists, and then we test our ideas, learn from the performance, and do some small A/B testing. Once we find the perfect strategy, we start running a big campaign so that you can get the best result.

Easy to use

SEOVAI is super easy to use. No skills or technical knowledge is required. You can discuss with us your demands, place the order and we will take care of the rest.

24/7 Customer Service

We provide 24×7 customer service so if you have any confusion, face any problem, have any queries, book an appointment, or give feedback, we are always here for you.

SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh

How to justify a successful automation marketing service (email)?

An automated email marketing service can be a game-changer for your business. The best automation marketing can help you to grow more, get more sales and improve the communication gap between brand and customer.

However, have you ever thought about how you can justify the best email automation marketing service? Well, here are some essentials that will help you to evaluate.

Accordion Title 1

A service provider or agency must have a team of experts. Email automation marketing requires deep knowledge of tools, copywriting, lead nurturing, funnel design, and so on. In order to pull off all these services and assure the best result, a team of in-house experts is essential. SEOVAI has a dedicated team of email marketers who have years of experience in email marketing automation.

Accordion Title 2

The best agency does A/B testing, brainstorm ideas and make small campaigns and learn from it. They take care of small to small details, analyze them and then run big campaigns. At SEOVAI, we follow this procedure and in every step, we stay in touch with our clients and provide essential updates.

Accordion Title 3

The best email automation marketing agency provides insights and reports of campaigns to the clients with actionable ideas and discussions with them. This way, they keep a transparent communication with the client and assures the best result. SEOVAI also maintains proper communication with the client and gives them reports with actionable ideas regularly.

Accordion Title 4

The best service provider always sees the bigger picture and that's why they are always ready to serve small to big listings. They assure the best deliverability, use dedicated IP, keep their customer service active and friendly. 

Accordion Title 5

An agency sends personalized emails and uses the best copywriters to write email sequences for lead nurturing. In SEOVAI, we use the best copywriters and follow an engaging way to convert a lead to a FAN of your brand.

Accordion Title 6

An agency should have previous client testimonials. Testimonials and reviews help you to decide whether your preferred agency deserves your money or not!

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