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We are providing modern marketing services to take the business forward. SEOVai is a data-driven digital marketing Agency.


Web Design and Development

Building Strong Website to Make Business Stronger

Every successful and big business in the world has a great website. It has become a formula that develops your website to develop your business. See the Amazon, Walmart, Reddit, Pinterest. They all have the best quality. We understand the modern business policy.  A lot of developers are available to design and develop new websites. But only a very few are capable of making a business-boosting secured one. You must find out the best one in the web development industry.

Web Development and Design

If you are searching for the best quality web design and development services you are at the right place. Before going to develop or redevelop your website justify our ability, expertness, and creativity. SEO VAI commits to giving the best quality service. We are offering not only the service in exchange for money but also a start of good relation valuing the trust.

The easy invention of the best quality website


It iseasy to invent the best quality websites by implementing some provedessential and effective features. You can determine whether it is better or worse justifying the qualities. Integration of the following features makes the best performing website from all sides. These few checklists will help you very much to identify the best one.

High traffic websites are simplistic

A complex website has a higher bounce rate. It is clear from the researches. All the websites with most users’ activity are very simple in look and interaction.

Eligibility for devices

The users use laptops, desktops, tab, mobile for browsing. The best websites make a suitable combination of designand functionfor any kind of operating system and device.

No Complex Navigation impresses users

Easy navigation is a must for making user-friendlyfunctionality. The more a website is easy to navigate the more it impresses the existing and new visitors.

SEO is the key to the highest traffic

The highest traffic gathering websites have a high rank in search engines. It is because they have great search engine optimization.

Useful Content engages more traffic

When the website has simple look and easy interaction but does not have the right content. The visitors will not use it anymore. The right content is the most important element for engaging traffic.

Security ensures safeguard

Secured websites with the best programming are safe from hackers. It increases the safety of any business. It is a must rule for cyber safeguards.

Loading speed determines the mindset

Loading time makes a website either usable or negligible. No man wastes his time delaying web page loading. The best web page loading time range is around 2 seconds.

Search Option makes browsing the easiest

Search option makes the navigation process easier to the easiest. It increases the user-friendly value of a website.

Winning websites are the output of the
services of SEO VAI


We have earned unique recognitionforbuilding successful website design and development. We have made it through our creative quality services. We integrate the following features and natures.

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Introducing Smart Designing

It includes not only the simplicity but also the smart layout design. We make the best use of the complementary colors matching the theme. Free space is our important concern to keep it enough proportional.

Right Content Management

Only the necessary contents increase the importance and acceptability of a website. We are ahead. We have content management experts for any kind of business and organization.

Navigation for Smart Website

In every layer, we keep the navigation way straight and simple. So that the users can move from a point to their desired point without wasting time in haphazard surfing.

Custom Development per your requirement

Tell us about the unique feature that you need. We have creative and expert website designers and developers with 10 years of experience to build your required custom need.

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Application of Funnel Action

We apply the funnel action to bring the customers to buy your products and services. We make your virtual showroom is the best partof your marketing strategy.

Monitoring and Maintenance

We care for maintaining performance, consistent testing, and content management. It helps greatly to keep a website up to date. SEO VAI gives the A-to-Z services for monitoring, maintenance, and management.

Standard Methodology of Work Process

Our working methodology starts with planning and continues through evaluating alternatives, development, testing, launching, monitoring, and maintenance.

Best Team Combination

We have expert website designers and developers. They are creative and experience of 10 years. Moreover, friendly team members boost the working quality of the team.

Our Services

Our strategy includes consistently evolving, to ensure we’re producing exceptional services for business.

Web Design

SEO VAI team is unique in both custom design and redesign. We provide services: • Custom Website Design and Redesign • Great UX/UI design • And Many More

Content Management

Regular sorting, evaluating, validating, and updating of the contents.SEO and other services related to website management and maintenance.

Web Development

High-performance front-end development and back-end development with HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, Python, etc. • Custom Website Development & Redevelopment • Basic Website Development • Business Website Development • E-Commerce Website Development

Free Consultancy

Our expert team is waiting for you. Contact us. You will get professional consultation for any need related to any kind of website. It is free and friendly.