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We are providing modern marketing services to take the business forward. SEOVai is a data-driven digital marketing Agency.


360° Business Solution

Make Your Vision a Reality

Create Your Online Business Setup with A Feasible Plan

Most people consider product research as the first step while planning an online business setup. But, that’s not how the market works. Focusing on the consumers’ demands and working to fulfil them is the first rule every market wants you to follow.

A majority of successful entrepreneurs revealed market analysis is inevitable for every business success. It allows them to make a feasible plan on their entire business journey that speaks about its increasing success rate and market value.

Business Owner Face failure

“Around 90% of online business owners face failure within their first 120 days of launch phase due to several reasons which include ‘not having a proper plan’ as a lead cause.”

Henceforth, SEOVai aims to provide you with everything needed for a successful business online. We promise to assist you with strategy, designing, and determining your target market for a low-cost online business setup.

360° Business Setup Solution

Build Your Complete Online Business Setup within Your Budget

Online business ideas are a vital element for your company’s success. Without it, you are just another startup trying and failing in this competitive marketplace. Considering the fact, SEOVai specializes in both new business model and existing company needs.

You can trust the transparency we bring to this process! We’ll analyze your current situation, then work with you on how best to fill any gaps that might be present – all within an affordable budget.

Online Business Setup
360° Business Setup Solution

Winning Business Strategy

Our winning business strategy is designed to work on all the business opportunities and analysis in a step-by-step process to ensure the business initiative goes right for you!

Industry & Product Analysis

Launching a business without knowing your business viability is a risk. The best way to ensure that is by an in-depth industry analysis, combined with deep research on how your product or service fits into the marketplace. At SEOVai, we take these essential steps for each startup client to grow their venture successfully from day one!

Online Market Research

A positive result on your business profile and product analysis is just what you need to start with our online market research. And so, we help you determine opportunities, risks, and potential rewards for your business according to the market value.

Competitor Analysis

After the competitor research, it is essential to understand the needs of your potential customers and compare those with what your relative competitor businesses have offered. Hence, we identify how you can position yourself concerning the competition so that you will be more likely to succeed than they are!

Target Audience Research

After strengthening the critical points based on your competitor research, it's now time to target your potential customers. So, we intend to help you get the right audience by researching who they are. This will cut down on wasted time and resources when it comes to marketing your product or service.

Step 2

Master Business Plan

Is your company ready for the future? If not, there’s no need to worry. With our master business plan, you can create a steady foundation for your online business. It gives you a blueprint of the things you need to consider and possibilities about coming into the process.

Step 3

Brand Identity Design

A brand is something that lasts forever. So when you’re setting up your business structures, it’s essential to get the right design services as well. This is where we come in to help you establish lasting success with our six-step process for making a valuable brand identity for you.

01. Color selection:

We have the best designers with a keen eye for color combinations. They know what colors to use on your site, branding, and office decoration to outperform all your competitors' designs!

02. Logo design:

Creating a logo design for your brand is an essential step in the branding process. With the help of our expert team, you can make sure that every aspect of your company's voice and mission is captured in the logo design we create for your brand.

03. Product design:

Our designing team creates the most impressive product designs that will win customers! We understand just how important it is for your company's products to be top of mind to keep them coming back for more.

04. Print design:

Print designs such as business cards, identity cards, banners, etc., are applicable requirements for creating your brand identity. Our designing experts also prepare these designs to highlight your identity to the customers in a sophisticated way.

05. Office decoration:

Not only do we offer to take care of all your online needs, but we also provide you with assistance in designing the best office. With our expertise and experience team members, you can get a perfect office decoration idea that your customers will love to visit, and your employees will enjoy working as well!

06. Online creatives:

Speaking of the online creatives, it's designed for perfect promotional branding on social media platforms. If your advertising methods, including designs, are not attractive and relevant to your promotional purposes, there's a possibility of losing potential customers in the future. Henceforth, we take on this project to design your ad creatives to ensure a positive ROI on your promotional investments.

Business Brand Design
Step 4

Web Design

In a comprehensive business plan, one of the most important things is a company’s website. With SEOVai, you can make sure that everything from the homepage design down to individual pages will be perfect for your business!


Domain and Hosting

Domain and hosting are considered the foundation of your website. Hosting is like the land you want to buy as your residence, and the domain is the registration process for your land name. Thus, it's essential to be considerate enough while choosing domain and hosting. And our web department experts focus on selecting the right domain and hosting for your site, considering your financial cost.


Website Security

After purchasing a domain and hosting, it's time for you to secure your website from any unwanted virus attack. And we take the lead in here too! We ensure your website has security certificates that are best suited for safeguarding websites.


Web design

Your website needs to have an appealing design, which will surely impress your customers the first time they visit. We make sure that you get a stunning site with our web designing services so that your visitors are bound to be impressed on their very first visit.


Web development

To remain competitive in today's market, your website must be accessible from any part of the world. Our web team experts can develop a site with global appeal and ensure all features work no matter where you are located or what type of computing device you use.


Mobile Responsive

A responsive web design is what your consumer asks for the most. As this era is full of mobile users, your website needs to be mobile responsive too. Our web experts also focus on that sector and work to optimize your website to be mobile-friendly so that you get the most attention from your customers.


Website Speed Metrics

All keeping aside, now it's time for your website to have the minimum loading speed. With us, you receive that service to ensure your consumers have a great experience after landing on your site.


Web maintenance

Once a website is designed and launched, the last process that needs to be completed before your project can go live is web maintenance. Our team of experts handle all aspects of this for you so that your site stays in top shape without any risk of getting a search engines penalty.

Step 5

Search Engine Optimization

With SEOVai, you will have a top-ranking site on the search engine result pages (SERPs) and reach new customers looking for your products or services. Here, you get our skilful and experienced professionals for search engine optimization to assure you of higher visibility among potential customer segments than ever before.

On-Page SEO

We have a team of SEO experts that can make your website rank higher and earn more relevant traffic. By optimizing individual web pages, you can reach the top spot on search engines like Google or Bing in no time.

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Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is about taking necessary actions outside your website to impact its ranking factor. Our dedicated team members also work on these steps to ensure your site reaches an expected position on search engines.

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Step 6

Social Media Optimization

After extensive research, SEOVai has found that a social media presence has many benefits for your company’s success. We provide you with high-quality services to help build an active and well-connected online following to increase customer awareness about what your business does.


We understand the priority of facebook in brand awareness. Hence, we start by optimizing your company's Facebook account with a website to boost branding and recognition for you.


Twitter is a fantastic tool to market your company and spread the word about what you're doing to. So, we help you optimize your website on this platform to get the most out of its benefits as well!


Linkedin is a perfect spot for your professional brand to shine. We understand that and helps you get there with an optimized Linkedin account, complete with promotional content about your website.


With time, Instagram has become an ideal place for creative users to share their work and build brand awareness. That's why we decorate your company account on the popular app so you can reach out to potential customers!


Instagram is the best platform for sharing social media images. Our Pinterest account optimization ensures that your business receives a steady flow of traffic from potential customers. The importance of this media for business success is immense.


YouTube is the best platform for video marketing. The importance of video marketing to make any content viral is currently immense in business growth. We optimize your YouTube so that you don't miss out on any prospects!

Business Customer Strategy
Step 7

Best Marketing Funnel

Marketing funnels are the key route to generating more sales in a business. Once you understand your audience’s desire in each stage and works accordingly, it satisfies those audiences and converts them into your customers by generating more sales. But the journey of this marketing funnel is not that easy as it sounds. You need to analyze the target audiences for each online media platform, and SEOVai offers to do that for you with a handful of in-house experts.

Step 8

Customer Strategy

Customer strategy is all about understanding your customers’ desires as well as assuring a great KPI. And that needs you to apply the right customer strategy to balance both of these criteria at once. At SEOVai, you get the top-notch professionals to work on this whole process to make the most out of your business. We know the proper order to balance these two ratios together, so there’s no discrepancy between either one.

Best Marketing Funnel
Identify Audience Goal & Campaign
Step 9

Identify Audience Goal & Campaign

Targeting the potential audiences, offering them your best deal, and engaging them in sales are not just the end of your customer journey. In fact, this is where the customer retargeting process needs to begin. It allows you to build a long time relation with your customer. So, how do you do that? At SEOVai, we identify your audience goal and plan campaigns accordingly to ensure a high success rate for your business.

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What Makes SEOVai Exceptional

Solid Commitment:

We know that there is no such thing as a perfect service or solution. We strive to make sure every client has the best experience possible, and we're confident in each commitment made because our team of professionals is committed.

Innovative Community

Our team is committed to providing their customers with an innovative, supportive, and creative approach from beginning a project until the end.

Business Security and Privacy

Business Security and Privacy: You can protect your business with our comprehensive security and privacy setup. We secure all of their client's private information, preventing leaks or theft that could damage a company on the inside out.

Transparent Pricing

Our company strives to provide the best service at an affordable price. They believe in transparency with their pricing and make sure you understand what goes into your project before giving it final approval.

On-Time Delivery

We have an experienced, dedicated team of experts who are committed to assuring that your service gets done on time with absolutely the best result possible!

Customer Support 24/7

We understand that you are an essential aspect of doing business, and we will do everything in our power for your satisfaction. We offer 24/7 customer service, so no matter what problems arise, there is always someone at hand to solve them with a smile on their face!

How Do We Justify As the Best Service Provider

There are many high-profile brands in the world today, but when it comes to choosing a business service provider for your startup – you should be careful. They need to know all of the initial tactics and strategies required to ensure that they can give you success among other crowd’s attempts at achieving fame. Once you find such a trustworthy company, they can take care of your online business function to get the best result assured!

SEOVai offers customized online business setup services that are designed to increase your brand value. We offer a team of dedicated experts who know the latest techniques for implementing our comprehensive business plan with success in any situation.

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