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We are providing modern marketing services to take the business forward. SEOVai is a data-driven digital marketing Agency.

Search Engine Optimization

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    With your marketing tactics failing and competition rising, now is your time to rethink. Leave behind the old business strategies and get hooked on trending approaches with the best SEO service provider in Bangladesh – us!

    At SEOVai, our team of experts is trained in developing effective SEO strategies- not just theoretical movements. So you can take that jump-start against competitors for high-generated revenue and increased conversions.

    Don't allow your business to lag behind

    Improve your brand image with the Best SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh

    Your online presence and success is a top priority for any business, especially as competition grows. Working with an SEO expert in Bangladesh can ensure that your site ranks high among the search engines for maximum exposure. In addition to ranking factors, they will monitor your progress and refine faults when needed to assure ultimate satisfaction from clients like yourself!

    Hence, we have got SEO strategies optimized just right! Other than ranking visibility, our formula will help you reach your business goals—including increasing traffic, generating leads or maximizing sales.

    SEO Expert Bangladesh
    Before you start, pay attention to the SEO industry

    Why Should You Follow SEO Strategies?

    Approximately 3.5 billion Google searches take place every day. And it’s evident; almost nobody searches the search engine for nothing. Everyone has something to know or solve, like a DIY lighting method or the best shoe brands in town. They seek solutions that will solve their problems. And that’s where search engine optimization pops up!

    SEO strategies are structured in a way that can show the right solution to its consumers within seconds. It studies its audiences’ interests, geographic location, and other demographic details to determine which solution best matches their search intent.

    And the moment your business website serves the proper solution, it becomes visible on the first search engine result page, allowing the consumers to connect and increase conversion rates for you.

    “About 80% online consumers rely on search engines for any product/service research, and 61% of them consider the suggestions before making any purchase.”

    SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh
    SEO increases visibility, traffic and sales.

    How Does SEO Work?

    The term SEO is all about optimizing content for search engines. Search engines, like Google, use some crawl bots to examine all the web pages published on their platform.

    Following around 200 ranking factors, it measures the content of your web pages and determines how useful they might be. Once the crawl bots find your website to be valid, it takes the web pages into indexation so that consumers can get the solution when needed.

    SEO doesn’t focus on popular term rankings; instead, it aims to deliver the best solution to its user. Therefore, it’s mandatory to follow search engine algorithm policies before establishing a website. Otherwise, your site might never get the visibility leaving millions of websites behind!

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    Get consistent and maximized traffic from search engines

    Build A Thriving Online Business with the Best SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has always provided more value to a brand than just visibility! You can dominate the marketplace through this in-demand strategy service. Its immense power of reaching out to the right audiences allows your business to have increased Traffic, Conversion, and ROI every day.

    Considering the fact, SEOVai has come up with excellent SEO campaign outlines just for you. As an SEO service company in Bangladesh, our key potential is to work on expert keyword research, link building, and refinement to walk your business towards guaranteed digital success.

    Facts & Figures of SEO success

    Get Top Ranked with a Proven SEO Strategy

    Keyword Research

    Research-based keywords intend to meet the target audience needs are what increases business revenue!

    On-Page Optimization

    An optimized website makes everything run smoother from page loading times to SEO rankings!

    Link Building

    Proper link building makes your website easy to navigate, which increases a better user experience!

    Onsite Optimization

    We help improve website content so visitors clearly understand how it relates to their search

    Keyword Research

    We select themed keywords based on user-intent to solidify rankings based on what users searches

    Link Building

    We help improve website content so visitors clearly understand how it relates to their search

    Increase your traffic by 200% within 6 months

    Our Simple 6-Step Formula Is Guaranteed to Increase Your Organic Traffic


    Goal Analysis

    Analyzing your business goals matter the most to us. It helps us define the marketing objectives and initial strategy mapping for your business to grow faster with time.


    Website Analysis

    A proper website analysis allows us to overcome the disadvantages of your website to provide a better consumer experience than other competitive businesses in the industry.


    Keyword Research

    Understanding what your consumers are searching for is key to SEO success, and we utilize a diverse selection of tools to identify keywords with maximum growth potential.


    SEO Optimization

    This process includes mapping relevant key phrases optimization so that search engines index your site for the right search intent and allow the consumers to connect quickly.



    Following all the research and optimization, we implement our SEO strategy for on-page. We monitor all modifications in terms of increasing efficiency to determine which ones perform best.


    Monitor, Refine, and Report

    We're always searching for ways to make your website better. Our team monitors and reports on how well you're ranking by checking out what's going right with your analytics data too.

    Rocket SEO Service

    Know your SEO Score!

      Powerful SEO solution in bd

      We Ensure The Premium SEO Service In Bangladesh

      Our expert team of search engine professionals strive to provide high-quality and effective results for their client’s websites. Be it a professional business website, eCommerce platform, or affiliate site; we determine your investments meet a great pay-off at the end of the day.

      Local SEO Service

      Local SEO is the best strategy to drive traffic and increase Business ROI to dominate the marketplace!

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      Local SEO 98%
      Citation Optimization 96%
      Google My Business Setup 99%
      Content Creation 99%

      Technical SEO Service

      Technical SEO is the best foundation for your business website to scale your marketing success!

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      Backlink Analysis 97%
      Website Migrations 93%
      Setup Schema markup 99%
      Optimize Images 99%

      Ecommerce SEO Service

      Optimized eCommerce is the key to generating leads, traffic and increase conversions.

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      Increase Brand Awareness 97%
      Product Optimization 95%
      Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics 95%
      SEO Campaign 91%

      “61% of marketers agree that increasing organic presence and enhancing SEO is the highest inbound marketing objective.”

      #1 Premium SEO Service Company in Bangladesh

      Key Factors That Makes Us the Leading SEO Specialist in Bangladesh

      Standard Strategies Followed

      We understand your demand for a safe site ranking, and our SEO experts are trained to follow the ethical optimization process that guarantees Google's best rank!

      Absolute Results

      Our team focuses on applying proper SEO implementation for your website to assure absolute results and make you stand out from the competition with definite credibility!

      Free Professional Consultation

      Understanding your website's lacking factors and requirements is your right. Hence, our team plans to cover that for you by arranging a free consultancy!

      Trust Transparency

      We believe that hiding anything from you won't get us anywhere. Hence, we focus on building trust by being honest and transparent about our SEO services.

      Solid Commitments

      Quality work and Solid Commitment, we believe there should be no compromising on these two. Our professionals are heavily trained on that point to ensure utmost satisfaction.

      Pro-Active Customer Service

      We understand the solid customer-centric culture that uses instant problem-solving abilities. Thus, we prioritize your satisfaction above all and serve 24/7 proactive assistance.

      SEO is the core of any marketing strategy and we live it.

      Why Should You Entrust Us With Your Website?

      SEOVai is one of the best SEO service provider companies in Bangladesh who are obliged to leave any backdoor technique over the White Hat SEO! Our elite team of professional and upgraded marketing platforms takes a vow to practice the best White Hat SEO techniques that excel your website’s online authority for a longer time. You have the chance to prolong it for a lifetime!

      In brief, we determine to increase a site’s profound value in a step by step site optimization process to drive more qualified search traffic to the website right away! After all, that’s considered the core to the success of any SEO campaign.

      If you have no available in-house SEO experts for such jobs, in that case, we suggest reaching out to the best SEO company in Bangladesh like ours as our primary focus is obtaining the best result with all the tools, time, and knowledge needed in this service.

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